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Comments From Happy Couples

Though many comments of appreciation have come my way,
I thought you might enjoy just a few of them.

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Looking for somebody to officiate our wedding was a bit of a worry because we come from different religions but we were very blessed when we found Rev. Beams. He made a huge impression on us since the first time we met him. A very sweet, gentle and caring person. Our ceremony was AMAZING because of him; Rev. Beams made everybody welcomed, and we received positive feedback from our friends and families asking who he was or where we found him because they loved how he celebrated our ceremony. We couldn’t have asked for more .... A HUGE THANK YOU Rev. Beams for making our ceremony unforgettable.


Thank you Pastor Beams

I was referred to Pastor Beams by a close friend who said “If I had known Ron 20 years ago when I got married I would have had him marry us”. Unfortunately we learned he would be living in Sacramento by the time we got married. Fortunately he was going to be down here that weekend and agreed to marry us. After spending 10 minutes with him you will know you found your minister. We spent time before the wedding so that he could get to know us and it truly felt like he was a friend by the time we had the ceremony. His service was beautiful and I would recommend him to anyone looking.

Jay and Katie

Reverend Beams was the officiant for our wedding ceremony on July 26, 2014 in Tiburon, Ca. Before the ceremony he took the time to get to know us, explain the marriage certificate process, and worked with us to form a ceremony that fit our personalities and personal values. He did a great job at the ceremony! He was warm, personable, and took care of the license details afterwards.


Brian and Stephanie

Rev. Ron Beams was truly amazing. He met with us and went over all of the details for our custom ceremony that was exactly what we imagined it would be and much more. All of our guests raved about Rev. Ron Beams and his amazing special touches he added. We could not have asked for a more perfect ceremony!


Eric and Cindy

Reverend Ron Beams was completely professional and casually friendly at the same time, always in perfect balance. Every part of our ceremony was comfortable and came off without a hitch.


Cory and Sophia

Rev Ron was the officiant at our wedding. We met a few times prior to our wedding to get to know one another. We really enjoyed our time with him. You feel comfortable right away and he can make you laugh within the first 20 minutes of speaking to him. He arrived early and did a great job with our ceremony, everything ran very smoothly. Thank you, Rev Ron!


Mikel and Jessica

Rev Ronald David Beams was our officiant for our wedding in July. We met with him a few times before our wedding to get to know each other. He is a very warm and friendly man who I felt became a friend of ours and not just our officiant. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family. Thank you for being a part of our special day!



Jeff and Kristine

Honestly one of the nicest individuals I have EVER encountered. All of our guests LOVED him. He made our ceremony REALLY special. He put his heart into what he would say.. and never came off as fake. He was sincere and funny. A+++


We cannot thank Reverend Beams enough for his warmth, guidance and professionalism through the marriage “process”. We call it a process because he did not simply show up at our wedding and leave, as many officiants do. Rather, we met with him in advance and he got to know us, which made our wedding ceremony more personalized. He had good suggestions for the ceremony, and was open to our suggestions as well. He also provided instruction regarding the logistics, such as the deadlines and the paperwork for obtaining a marriage license. Often at weddings, people comment about the reception only. For us, they also commented about the lovely, heartfelt service. There are few instances in life that are as memorable as your wedding day. We are so grateful to have shared our day with Rev. Beams.



I am so pleased I decided to use Reverend Beams to officiate my wedding! He was kind, honest, and fun to work with during the planning stages. He made sure we had everything exactly how we wanted and was willing to think outside the box and be flexible. Many people came to me after the ceremony to praise his work! He had a way of engaging the audience and was funny when appropriate and serious when that was what was needed. I simply can’t recommend him strongly enough!


Reverend Ron Beams officiated at our wedding in August ‘12. He was like an addition to the family! Ron is professional yet personable and made our ceremony special. We had a backyard luau-themed wedding and he was more than willing to dress the part. We even threw some Hawaiian vocabulary he needed to say and he was successful! A blessed memory for all, thank you Rev. Beams!! We wholeheartedly endorse Reverend Ron Beams for your special day!



We are so grateful to Rev. Beams for officiating our wedding. The ceremony was everything we hoped for and we got many compliments from friends and family on how wonderful the ceremony was. Very highly recommended! Thank you Rev. Beams!

William and Stacey

Reverend Ron was fantastic, from start to finish. We feel so lucky that we found him! From the very beginning, he was incredibly kind and thoughtful. He was quick to reply to every email, and very flexible when it came to meeting. We met with him twice, and after each time my wife and I remarked how happy we were to have him as our officiant.


Reverend Ron took great care to make our ceremony what we wanted. He offered some suggested readings as a starting point, but stressed that we could change anything we wanted. He also gave us some marriage preparation; it’s clear that he wanted to prepare us to build a lifelong happy marriage.


The day of the ceremony, Reverend Ron asked me if we had sent the story of how we met (to tell during the ceremony), because he triple-checked his email and couldn’t find it. My heart sank — we had never even written it! Reverend Ron was an absolute professional, and asked me to recite it for him while he jotted some notes. He nailed it. My wife had no clue this happened until I told her the next day, in fact, everybody thought he had rehearsed it! The entire ceremony was great, I had numerous people tell me that the officiant was fantastic. He really has a gift for building a rapport with a crowd.


I gave a slightly-less-than-perfect score because there were two minor things I would have changed:

1. we requested a non-religious ceremony, and ‘God’ was mentioned once or twice. it wasn’t preachy, it wasn’t dramatic or emphasized, but nonetheless it was a small deviation from what we requested.


2. it would have been nice if he had reminded us to send our story to him, to avoid the little bit of stress right before the ceremony. I really want to emphasize, though, that he made up for it — he probably did even better with the last-minute brief than if we had emailed him something.


If you’re considering Reverend Ron — email him right now. You absolutely will not regret it.

Brad and Karyn

Working with Ron was everything we could have hoped for. He made our ceremony feel just as we wanted - personalized, tender, warm, and full of laughter and joy. As this was a multi-faith wedding, he was able to pay respect to each, representing the needs of both faiths, without making one overshadow the other. All in all, I cannot recommend him enough.

Robert and Jeanette

Rev. Ronald David Beams caught my attention from the first moment we spoke at a wedding faire at the Old Sugar Mill during Summer 2013. The way he presented himself was like no other and I knew I wanted him to officiate our wedding. My husband and I met at his home that November and we learned about each other - - us as a couple, individuals, our families, and about himself as an Officiant and what that means to him.


After learning more about him we definitely knew we wanted him to marry us, and it was an honor that he did. He worked with us to personalize our ceremony, given that my husband is a Seventh Day Adventist and I am Catholic. We did not get married in a church but we wanted our ceremony to be as religious as possible and Rev Beams made sure that is exactly what we got. Our ceremony was not your typical 5-10 minute ceremony; he read Bible scriptures that we chose, told our story of how we met, and others as well, and incorporated our families and friends and all our guests into the ceremony. It was very personalized, it was all about us and who we are as a couple and what we represent, and we couldn't have asked for a better person to officiate our wedding. Every single one of our guests said how beautiful (and funny) our ceremony was and they loved how he officiated it. Most guests even said that their favorite part of our wedding was the ceremony! No one ever feels that way! But that is how amazing he is! Thank you Rev Beams for being a part of our very special day!


"Working with Rev. Beams was a dream. He is professional, prepared, very accommodating of what we wanted for our ceremony, and a total sweetheart. He has a great sense of humor and solemnity and balanced both perfectly. So many people came up to us during the reception just to tell us how much they laughed and cried and absolutely loved him. He made our ceremony absolutely amazing, and I can't thank him enough."